Healthy Family, Healthy Home.

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As we ramp back up to our regular routines of work, school schedules, extra-curricular activities and countless distractions of day-to-day, it’s essential to implement and sustain healthful activities for family members to follow suit.

Here are some simple lifestyle tips for setting sail towards holistic wellness for the entire family.

Family Fit Time

Physical activity is essential to keep all members of the household in tip-top shape. Whether it’s an after-dinner walk or run around the park, developing active habits will help curb sedentary behaviours from social media, watching television or playing video games. Exercise benefits the mind and body by building strong muscles and bones, boosting cognitive function, improving flexibility, lowering the risk of disease and maintaining a healthy weight.

Keep activities fun and engaging to encourage participation. Explore new forms of family exercise like yoga or create an exercise circuit. Head outdoors to get some Vitamin D while cycling, jogging, hiking or swimming. Or, stay indoors and connect virtually as you partake in an exercise class online or work out in your home gym. The sweat session options are endless; be an active role model and lead the family in fun fitness activities.

Kiss the Cooks

Make mealtime family time. Get the tribe involved in creating recipes, grocery shopping, and even preparing meals everyone can enjoy. It’s an excellent opportunity for lessons in nutrition and healthy eating. Plus, it makes the process enjoyable, thereby encouraging home-cooked meals and time spent together — versus drive-thru specials and eating on the go.

Start each morning with wholesome breakfasts, followed by packed lunches and snacks to fuel the body and mind throughout the day. Add variety to meals by introducing new foods to the dinner table. Experiment with ethnic ingredients, and new recipes. Incorporate theme nights to make mealtime enjoyable.

Eat family-style so everyone can sample and enjoy these delicious dishes. Include nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources. Limit junk food, refined carbs, over-processed foods, alcohol and sugary drinks — moderation is vital. Ensure water is the household beverage of choice as it replenishes the body by carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells, regulates body temperature and aids with digestion.

Finally, sit down and eat as a family — without distractions. Engage in thoughtful conversations. Establishing mealtime routines and habits will go a long way in sustaining a healthy family lifestyle.

Disconnect To Reconnect

Unplug from the world and recharge as a family. With screen time at maximum levels and day-to-day commitments requiring ample amounts of attention, it’s easy for familial connections to get lost in the shuffle. Slow it down and balance work-life schedules by allotting dedicated days/times for your inner circle.

Plan evenings to sit back and unwind by playing cards or a board game. Plan outings to connect with nature or visit other relatives and friends. These types of activities will increase endorphin levels, positively affecting moods and easing symptoms of anxiety.

Moreover, ensuring that laughter is a part of your family’s DNA will promote self-esteem, and induce feelings of joy and calmness, thereby boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure.

Finally, end the day with an adequate amount of Zzzz’s. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night has rejuvenating benefits that support cognitive function and decrease cortisol. Make sure the fam checks in early and gets a good night’s sleep to perform optimally on a daily basis.

Family wellness nurtures a sense of belonging and stability in the home. Creating a healthy environment of productive and engaging activities like family fitness, home-cooked meals, plus opportunities to reconnect and build traditions, will establish lifelong lifestyle habits that will go on for generations to come.

Daniela DeFeo is a nationally published author, health/fitness coach and wellness influencer. Her contributions have been featured in premier publications, and she works with leading brands to create content that promotes holistic health. She is the founder of DeeVita Wellness, where she provides personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Connect with her at



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