Go Back to School With These Cannabis Essentials

Stress levels are always on the rise with newness and lifestyle changes when going back to school. But cannabis is here to help!


Person holding a green weed pipe in the mouth while lighting cannabis leaves in it.
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Stress can manifest itself in unique ways, causing tension issues, headaches and anxiety. Mitigate this year’s back-to-school stress with cannabis. The hemp plants and cannabis products are constantly being researched to learn more about their potentially beneficial effects on the human body.

Often, these plants are theorized to uplift and support individuals to aid with issues such as stress and pain relief and set folks on the right foot. What’s more is that today’s cannabis products are packed with other vital nutrients and vitamins to aid the body holistically, reaching target areas in need of support. Following are a few ways to reap their benefits:

Support Your Immune Health

It’s essential to have a strong immune system to boost your health and help fight off any antigens looking to wreak havoc. CBD-infused gummies to the rescue!

CBD gummies with immune support, like added antioxidants and critical vitamins, can help get your school year off to a great start. For example, Green Roads offers Rise’ N Shine Immune Support Gummies that include vitamin B12 and vitamin C — vitamins great for immune health. These gummies are also infused with elderberry and full-spectrum CBD, giving educators, parents and university students a chance to sit back and relax after a long day of studies.

Zen Out With a Vaporizer

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Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, as it mimics the calming effects one needs to wind down after a busy day. Furthermore, vaporizing cannabis is more accessible than before as multiple products come in compact, portable options.

With a vaporizer like the Atomic9, users can simply pack cannabis flowers to go with an easy-to-use interface and patent-pending technology that transforms the flower vaporization process. Those who prefer to decompress over concentrates rather than flowers can use products such as the Little Dipper by Dip Devices to soothe the mind after a packed schedule of extracurricular activities.

Indulge the Traditional Way

Traditional smoking remains an enduring source of relaxation and people have been smoking cannabis for generations. However, school can cause immense stress no matter how you engage. Try finding relief with a puff of cannabis then.

You can channel the wisdom of an owl with the Wise Owl Pipe by Fat Buddha Glass. The owl signifies an opportunity to heighten our senses and connect with our intuitive knowledge, serving as great reminders during the school year. Combine this with the sweet aroma of cannabis to maintain that much-needed balance thrown off by intense schoolwork and classroom activities.

Invoke a Sense of Calm

Research has long suggested that stress can lead to symptoms that tip your body’s equilibrium, straining the mind. So add a terpene-rich tincture into your back-to-school routine to call upon relaxation and take a moment to breathe.

CBD oil tinctures like Zenbarn Farms’ Calm CBD are rich with terpenes like limonene and pinene. They activate the senses and provide needed relief — ideal for those with a typically busy lifestyle.

When choosing the right CBD tincture to meet your calming needs, be sure to choose one created with a great carrier oil, like coconut oil, to maximize effectiveness. If you are not a fan of cannabis-flavoured oils, opt for an isolate that removes all plant materials.

It’s time to head back to school: teachers are grappling with lessons, students are trekking back to campuses and parents are packing their little ones off to school for the first time. We get it. It’s a lot! And cannabis is here to rescue. Cannabis products act as a supplement to help you rejuvenate and reorient. But remember they are not a cure-all.

Keep your body and mind in check and integrate other forms of holistic medicine to reduce stress this fall. Use cannabis and practice yoga. Take walks, light a candle, draw a bath, or simply do your breathwork when you don’t have time for it all.

Happy schooling!

Kelly Ebbert spends her time writing and researching to make the world a little brighter. She seeks to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. You can find her meditating or enjoying the simple beauties life brings.



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